When you arrive,

I will greet you with a big smile and show you to my chair.

We will start with chatting about your hair.

We will determine 

- Desired fullness

- Desired length

- Desired color

Next we will set up one of two appointments :

- Color Appointment - During our consultation I may recommend we color your hair first to best fit our goal.

- Installation Appointment - Once we determine which method is best for you, I require 50% deposit. Once the deposit is made I then order your luxury hair and we can schedule the installation appointment. Usually 3-5 business days.

Depending on your dream hair, be prepared to be at the salon anywhere from 2-5 hours. I will make sure you're as comfortable as possible. I have drinks to offer, snacks to nibble on, free WiFi, phone charger, ect. 

Once the hair is fully installed, I'll cut it.

"Wait you just put it in!"

I know I know...but I need to shape the hair to look as natural and seamless as possible.

When we finish, I will recommend at home styling care to recreate and maintain our look at home. Last we will set you up for your next appointment to make sure we are always keeping your hair as healthy as possible.


Now let's go create your dream hair! 

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Divine Hair by Tiffany

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